Rapier Releases New Sonic FGX Editions

July 6, 2009
So… I got bored tonight, and decided to have some fun. My results? These three:


Sonic FGX: Red Rings Edition


Sonic FGX: Invisorings Edition


Sonic FGX: Invisoenemies Edition


Red Rings Edition: Oh noes, the rings have turned red with anger and refuse to be collected. Try to collect them and you’ll pay with your life.

Invisorings Edition: Robotnik has used some chemical to make all the rings and ring monitors invisible!

Invisoenemies Edition: Robotnik has used the same chemical to make all his machines and badniks invisible! Becareful!

Yes, Red Rings Edition is the only one with the logo edited, I got lazy and didn’t bother doing the Invisorings or Invisoenemies logos… So sue me.
Have fun.


Dekoldrick Releases Sonic FGX 1.9.4

July 6, 2009
The new version of Sonic FGX 2 is available. New features are focused on speeding up the game play and implementing the new automatic updates system (still to be tested). Some may notice some changed to the background behavior and enemies behavior as I attempted to get more frame rate out of the game.

Full game download

Update Download(If you aready have the full game only)

Alternate Download

Server IP:

To make sure you have the correct IP, Open the serverinfo.txt file and replace the IP with the one above.

Right now since the server is running from my PC its not going to be on all the time. So keep checking this first post just in case my IP gets changed. This is a temporary measure until I get another PC to use as a server.

If you have anything you would like to put in the FGX News feed about your fan game. Post it in this topic and I will add it to the news. Keep it short though because right now the news is just scrolling text at the bottom of the menu screen.

Update history:
04/23/09: Story bug fix and swing bar fix.
04/24/09: New Update feature added. FGX News feed added. Homing Attack fixed
04/25/09: Fixed the connection to server error.

DNLhern announces “Escape From Inferno Island”

July 6, 2009

user posted image

A secret project I am working on… which is no longer a secret. XD

Anyways, Escape from Inferno Island is a game where you have to escape from the island you got a vacation from.

The Story begins as a young boy and his friend win a vacation to the wonderful Inferno Island. While expecting a great trip, a rumor was that once you visited Inferno Island, no one comes back. So… the young boy and his friend decided to visit there themselves. The game begins here.

I plan on the game to be sorta like Megaman Zero.

More details soon…

Valour Announces “Defence”

July 6, 2009

Well, some of you know i’m making my own game, (And probably get annoyed with me saying it all the time :3)

The name is also temporary untill a better one comes along or depending on what decisions i make later on.

I was thinking about it, and i thought i may as well make a topic, get a bit of interest, etc.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot SO FAR: (On a side note, i can’t draw, and this isn’t about the grapical side yet. It’s just the engine)

user posted image

Just a basic screenshot of the overview, you have a HUD, etc.

I’ve made this scratch, but there were various things i needed to find out, so i HAVE used a tutorial, and i’ve borrowed an example and editted it, I’ll mention what it is in a moment.
The game(I lost) is just a typical defence game, that patch is where you defend, you will be able to set up barricades, and evolve into a big hulky base to protect from oncoming enemies. Thinking about it, i’ts probably gonna be zombies, but we’ll see. So yeah, when night time comes along, the enemies will start coming. If you have no barricades, you’re probably gonna spend your time running. You can build barricades by finding twigs then move onto chopping trees and mining rocks and finding stones, etc. Like a stranded RPG. You survive day after day, and maybe i’ll implement a hunger and thirst bar and maybe add a bit more to the map and make a GBA Zelda mapping style. But when the blessing of dawn arise, it is not completely safe. You might have the odd wondering enemy or such.
Any of you idiots that just look at the screenshot and base your opinion on that and don’t even read the post, sell your souls and freely admit forever that you don’t deserve to live and are a failure at life.
Anyway, the current features that are implemented:

HUD that follows your screen, which consist of: Also, the HUD is made up of draw functions, so don’t complain about the graphics.
– Health Bar
– Sprint/Stamina Bar
– Ammo system with reload bar.
– A handy dandy Clock.
– Reticle for aiming.

And for the normal stuff, you have the standard walking around with the ability to sprint. You aim with the mouse, the character rotates and always shoots from the pistol. Also, aiming is never in a straight line, there will be a slight offset.
Finally, the last one i can think of, is a Day and Night system. I had to borrow an example for that. I could NOT for the life of me figure out how to fade stuff gradually. But when i finally learn it, i’ll try my own way of it. But I have indeed modified it a bit. Anyway, more to come. I’ll probably work on weapon switching next. Then a GUI system.

Speaking of GUI, does anyone know how to work the draw_buttons? I create them, but how do you interact with them? I can’t seem to find any tutorials on it.

Okay, fixed most things. Gonna work on inventory and quickbar now. Wewt.
Okay… Implemented arrays, which will allow me to add more weapons with ease. I’ve basically revamped the whole code. Ripping my hair out for days over it.
I’ve also redone the reload bar code, it’s alot simplier and basic, but it allows other weapons do have different reload rates.
Now i just have to fix the trigger thing, which won’t be too hard. And also make it so the time is ontop of the night time part xD

Old Updates:
Oh dear god, i had some complaints about using the arrow keys to move around. So i changed them to the WASD keys. Then sprint wouldn’t work. And Game Maker doesn’t seem to have letter key recognition. So i had to figure out a way to make it work again… 2 hours later, i did it. I hate game maker sometimes…

SA3 Demo and EP(Engine Playground) Released!

July 6, 2009
I… I.. Hmpp.. this is really unexpected. I just picked one unclear stage from sa3 ( the first stage) putted it in a new gamemaker file and maked an exe. of it. I did this all in 10 mins. Why did i do this?? Because summer holliday has started biggrin.gif !! And i’am really happy. So i have released the smallest stage of sa3. ( NO THIS ISN’T A REAL DEMO. its just a create executable i made in 10 mins tongue.gif)

Also i maded a little playground for SUA. To let some people test some new shields in the game. The 2 short demo’s can be downloaded here:

Sonic universe adventure small testground: http://www.2shared.com/file/6499221/e504e3…Playground.html

Sonic adventure 3: Full dark sonic, Ultra unexpected demo: http://www.2shared.com/file/6499192/9dbfd5…ecret_beta.html

controls for sa3:

Z-button (jump)
X-button (when turbo bar is filled). to turbo
Z + down = spindash
Z+Z = homing attack
Z in the air to do variable tricks to fill your turbo bar.
X in the air to dash
Z+ up in the air to make an extra jump

JUST exactly as sonic rush

– Yvar

Sonic Nitro Adventure Released!

May 29, 2009

“I really done alot of hard work, Any glitches then tell me also please egnore Sonic’s speed, If its any higher a bunch of animation glitches will happen which are unfixable, Atleast its faster than Sonic 06 xD anyway play and read the controls and enter to pause. http://www.sendspace.com/file/um84cj Please play sonic-wtf.png


Chat Removed From Insider!

May 28, 2009

“That’s right. We’re removing the chat from the forum and putting it into the base. Don’t panic if you can’t see it here. Just click this link.”


-Dekoldrick (Site Admin)